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SereniCare Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home that is proud to offer a better service at a lower price. Our company was founded because we believed there was a way to eliminate much of the stress associated with the death of a loved one, while never compromising premium quality.

With SereniCare: We keep overhead low, passing the savings along to those we serve.
You have all the options and choices upfront. We accept all pre-paid funeral plans, returning the excess funds and interest to the family. We come to you, making funeral arrangements easier than ever before.

We are available to serve 24 hours a day.
For a personal visit, in your home, give us a call at 1-801-906-0490 .

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If you've experienced a loss, or are planning in advance, we are here for your each step of the way. Planning a funeral is an emotional and sometimes overwhelming thing and having the right information can make things easier. It is our mission to serve families in their time of need and welcome any questions you have.

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Every life is unique, and every service should be as well. We invite you to learn more about our services.


Make decisions now that give your and your family peace of mind.


Grief is a journey that is not meant to be traveled alone. The information we provide can help others find hope and healing.


Honoring your loved one can be easy for family and friends by sending flowers through local florists.

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James Whited

Everything was handled with dignity and according to our wishes. We honestly felt like we were working with a trusted family friend. Thank you for everything you did for us.

Vickie Sikridji

Kent Smith, owner of Sernicare is an amazing person to work with during such a difficult time as preparing for and the death of a loved one. I lost my precious Mother Carma J. Jensen on 6/24/2018... Kent's calm, patient and kind presence was a blessing to me. He went out of his way to help me and offer assistance, I am extremely grateful for all that he did and for the professional manner in which everything was handled. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Sue B. ogden,UT

My hospice nurse spoke highly of you. I am so grateful for the dignity and compassionate care you provided for me and our entire family and friends. Everything was perfect. Many thanks to Francis!

Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses.

Martin Prechtel, "Grief is Praise"


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Grief Support Article


Much of this brings on tender tears.
It’s been eight years since my mom passed and in these years I have learned a few things about grief.  

  • Feel all of your feelings.  Don’t run from, avoid, push down, distract, fight against or be mad about feelings.  Just feel them.  Our bodies are created to do this and can handle it. So surrender and relax into the pain.
  • Stay in the clean pain.  There’s clean pain and there’s dirty pain. Clean pain comes from thoughts like I love her, I miss hugging her, I wish she was here so I could speak with her.

    It’s called clean pain because it’s helpful and necessary when dealing with a loss.

    The problem is when we move into dirty pain. That would look something like, this thing happened so my life will never be good again.

    Or, this happened and it’s not fair. It’s the difference between feeling pain from love vs. feeling pain coming from resistance or injustice.
  • This is all part of the human experience.  

Once I relaxed into grief and made it my companion, my days got better.  I wasn’t running from it, or hoping it would end soon.  I wasn’t waiting to get through it or over it. It just was. Grief over a person or any loss in your life can feel pretty crappy….and guess what?

That’s how it’s supposed to feel.

It’s the price we pay for loving so much.  Melinda

P.S.   You may go to Melinda’s website to sign up for a FREE session to see how life coaching can help you heal. Just mention “SereniCare” to Melinda to receive the session for at no cost to you.

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